Careers in Facial Approximation


Q: I am interested in a career doing facial reconstruction. It seems that all the jobs go to those in law enforcement. I really want to help victims and families, so where do I start?   A: Here’s the short version. I had thought I might need to expand on this at a later date, […]

Forensic Artist Q&A: Joe Mullins

Joe Mulllins Forensic Artist

Joe Mullins has over 11 years of experience working at NCMEC to find missing and exploited children, and he shares some of his work and experiences in this interview.


early forensic artists

This is just a short post as a heads up, to look out for a new artist interview next week. I know it’s been a few weeks since one was posted, mainly because all the forensic artists that I’ve asked at this point are as busy as I am. Luckily, a Joe Mullins, a terrific artist […]

Pop culture references in forensic art?

I came across an interesting article yesterday, in the Maclean’s magazine from Canada entitled: “He had a gun and Tom Cruise eyes.” The article features several of our forensic art colleagues in Canada, and gives a little reality-check to what forensic artists face on a daily basis. Not every feature the witness describes comes from a catalog: […]