Preparing for a career in forensic art


Q: Thank you in the past for answering some questions for me. I was wondering if you had any suggestions of side projects that I could be working on that might help the skill sets that I would need to enter the field of forensic art. Currently I am registered for a forensic sculpting class, […]

Whitey Bulger Age Progression Roundup!

whitey mugshot

First off, this has got to be the most anticipated arrest photo ever, for forensic artists:   And, just a sampling of the gazillion age-progressions that have been done by numerous forensic artists of Whitey Bulger over the years: Bulger has got to be the most age-progressed fugitive out there. Over the course of 16 years, there were at […]

Mugshot Sketch 4


Finally, another mugshot drawing! I LOVE doing these, the black and white photography from the 30’s to the 50’s is just spectacular, and the faces….wow. I drew the whole thing (except for the hair, which I don’t like, oh well) with a .5mm government issued 2B mechanical pencil (!) and it took me about 2-ish hours. The […]

What skills and traits are needed to be a forensic artist?

The most obvious is drawing and artistic skill. Don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise, because they are probably trying to sell you something. The whole concept of “anyone can be a forensic artist” is ridiculous. To be a forensic artist, you must first be an artist. To work doing composites, you then adapt that […]

Walter Edgar Brown, Jr


Several years ago I joined a public speaking class, and was terrified and anxious about my first speech. Until a very wise friend said “Why don’t you just tell them about your Dad?”  The speech wrote itself, and I thought it was appropriate to post for Father’s Day. Forgive me that it’s a bit early. […]

15 Second Age Progression, Part 2

London Trip 159

This is the second part of the series that I posted last week,  from an exhibit at the Wellcome Collection in London. I thought it was an interesting concept, especially so for a forensic artist to see how the faces changed over the years. As many photos as I was able to capture, this is only […]

15 Second Age Progression, Part 1


Ok, not exactly, but this is still very cool! A few months ago I was in London and went to a very unique museum called the Wellcome Collection. I can’t even begin to describe all the interesting stuff they had there, and beside I have lots of pictures that I’ll be posting later. Anyway, there […]