Forensic Art Project, with Artist Phillip Toledano

"Days With My Father"

I got an email from a phenomenal artist, Phillip Toledano, who is looking for forensic artists to be part of a new project he is working on. I think the concept is fascinating, as is Mr. Toledano’s art, and wanted to share his request here. I’ve posted just a bit of his work from his website MrToledano, […]

Question: “How do I get a foot in the door to a career while I’m still in college?

“I’ve read what you’ve posted within the “How Can I become a Forensic Artist?” questions that I’m sure you get a ton of, but I’m here to change it around. I’m an Undergraduate in the Maryland Institute College of Art and am Majoring in General Fine Arts. I plan on getting my masters in Forensics. […]