Forensic Art Techniques taught by Lois Gibson


Forensic Art Techniques


Lois Gibson

April 15 thru 19, 2013
Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Houston, Texas
Hilton Garden Inn, Woodlands

Lois Gibson’s class covers:

  • Emphasis on sketching faces from witness memory including numerous realistic practices with real witnesses. Students experience being a “witness” who describes a suspect for a sketch.
  • Extensive lectures of methods for successful interview techniques for all varieties of witnesses with Powerpoint examples. Includes methods for working successfully with extremely grieved child witnesses.
  • Sketching age progression portraits from photos of known suspects with work on an actual case.
  • Age progression of children explained, including students working on an actual case with instant feedback.
  • Quick methods for depicting get-away vehicles and tattoos.
  • Students given thorough understanding of how to draw different races.
  • Particular methods for drawing female subjects vs male subjects.
  • Extensive postmortem portrait methods including recently deceased, decomposed, and skeletal remains.
  • Quick method of 2-dimensional facial reconstruction from skull with a real case. Instant feedback for true appearance of subject drawn.
  • Explanation of how to work with law enforcement bureaucracies.
  • New item: comparison of surveillance photos to mug shots and how to prove/disprove identity matches in methodical way, with many real case examples.
  • How to get hours of drawing practice worked into your busy schedule with almost no additional time spent.
  • How to approach the forensic art profession, and how to keep reinvigorated towards the work for practicing forensic artists.

Lois teaches the class in graphite pencil on Bristol board paper with a vellum finish. All supplies and individual easels are provided. Lois also gives a live demonstration during class of her pastel method on Canson Mi-Tientes paper.

All Attendees are encouraged to bring images of their work on a digital device to show the class if they wish. Obtaining a copy of Forensic Art Essentials  for the class is strongly recommended.

Class is near Cynthia Woods Pavilion, 2nd largest venue for live music in the world, so please check the schedule for possible attendance at an event. Additional economical lodging abundant nearby; class site is at edge of huge attractive mall. IAH airport is a scant 15 minutes away. Click image below to download flyer.

 Forensic Art Techniques Flyer