Inspiration for Today: 3D Facial Reconstruction of King Henry IV

Take a look at a beautifully rendered facial approximation of  King Henri IV,  by Philippe Froesch, a 3D forensic artist and member of the Research Group in Osteobiography (GROB) at UAB.  According to the site information, this was created with Cinema 4D R13, VrayForC4D and Zbrush.

After you pick your jaw off the floor (it took me a while!) you are probably going to wonder why reconstructions by forensic artists don’t look this….well, incredible.

The short answer is, we simply don’t have the time, tools, and money to spend on something this polished. Even if we did, we couldn’t add this level of detail. We hardly ever know what the hair color is, much less length and style. We don’t know eye color, and skin tone is anyone’s guess.  And we’re not allowed to make it up. Since most of our cases are skeletal remains, we don’t know the weight of a person either, so we generally go with average.

And the last thing should be pretty darn obvious….Mr. Froesch has extreme skill in sculpting. You can tell that from the raw sculpture itself, before any color and texture mapping. I don’t think it matters that this was done digitally either.

And thanks to this video, and the other images from his website,  I’m now all re-inspired to see how much more I can bring to the table.





  1. Hey Laurie! Check out his website for more, the man is amazing!

  2. Laurie Fletcher says:

    My Shakespeare class is going to LOVE this!!!

    Thank you!